Water, air, fire and earth are interwoven in the experience of daily life in the Österbotten environment.
This experience provided huge inspiration to Eva Macali during her art residency at Novia University. Her research on the subject of trees and plants, expressed in previous projects such as Albero Giallo – Yellow Tree (2016) and Creatura (2017), has been further expanded through the interaction with the finnish environment and studying the finnish-swedish literary heritage.

Together with Joakim Finholm she developed a cross-discipline project on the subject of interdependence in nature, taking the cue from the tradition of sauna and the magnificent sight of aurora borealis. Their collaboration led to the production of three video art pieces that portray the interdependence between natural elements and are presented in the spacious premises of Energiverket in Jakobstad. AL5B5RI involves different media: poetry, moving image and sound.