Water, air, fire and earth are interwoven in the experience of daily life in the Österbotten environment.
This experience provided huge inspiration to Eva Macali during her art residency at Novia University. Her research on the subject of trees and plants, expressed in previous projects such as Albero Giallo – Yellow Tree (2016) and Creatura (2017), has been further expanded through the interaction with the finnish environment and studying the finnish-swedish literary heritage.

Together with Joakim Finholm she developed a cross-discipline project on the subject of interdependence in nature, taking the cue from the tradition of sauna and the magnificent sight of aurora borealis. Their collaboration led to the production of three video art pieces that portray the interdependence between natural elements and are presented in the spacious premises of Energiverket in Jakobstad. AL5B5RI involves different media: poetry, moving image and sound. 

Energiverket is starting a collaboration project together with the organizations Vision Forum (SE), Kunstkvarteret Lofoten (NO) and Fondazione Lac e Le Mon (ITA) and we will have a first intern project meeting on 22-24.11.2018.

However there will be a public presentation of the participating organizations and their activities on Thursday 22nd of November between 15.00 and 16.00 in Energiverket, Jakobstad/ Pietarsaari.

Warmly welcome! 



The Pop-up residency and Project ”Residency in ones own hometown” is now completed and we are thanking the chosen participants: visual artist Carina Ahlskog, visual artist Mikki Boxström, visual artist Moa Cederberg and musician Lisen Sundqvist who together with our project manager, visual artist Annika Bergvik-Forsander has been sharing the space for one month 15.10—15.11.2018.

The group randomly took the working title EV-5 and they have been collaborating and dealing with all kinds of absurdities like discussing the soul of Switserland, trying to solve philosphical issues about borders and non-borders, discussing the complex anatomy of the Dassie, drawing maps of inner states and they have also been growing grass in November not to forget their numerous visits to fleamarkets in search for the perfect Artist sofa!



22.08.2018 16:00 — 00:00

On the night of the Spotlight-event in Jakobstad, Energiverket proudly presents the exhibition 1. listen by Arvid van der Rijt (NL) and Juliana Irene Smith (USA). See more information below. On display will also be the installation ”Super Stereo Vision” by Valter Kuni (FIN), a young visual artist from Jakobstad who graduated from Novia in 2017.

Warmly welcome to visit us and check out Energiverket. Free entrance and serving of tea and cake!

1. listen

Juliana Irene Smith + Arvid van der Rijt were approached by the project gallery team to make an intervention that reflects or handles the space itself. 

The first time the married couple have been asked to exhibit together, the question between the two became, "the phyiscal space or the emotional space?"

To deconstruct a white cube seemed possibly too easy, too been there done that, so the phenomenon of how an artist and audience feel in a space became the center point. Safe space is becoming more and more a common used term. However, what does it mean and to whom? The point is not to make you uncomfortable and unsafe but rather to confront and voice our anger and adamancy that all parties have to adhere to the rules.

Juliana Irene Smith (1977 USA) has a BFA in photography from Parsons School of Design in NYC and a Masters of Public Art from the HSLU in Lucerne, Switzerland. She is the co-founder of ALMA MARTHA an action host team non-profit based in Cape Town with the motto, 'She is not your mother'.

Arvid van der Rijt (1976 Netherlands) studied sculpture and works as an audiovisual artist. Flickering lights, analog film and sound are his tools to intervene a space. He is an active member of Platform and Filmverkstaden in Vaasa, Catalysti in Helsinki and Filmwerkplaats in Rotterdam, Netherlands.



Guest artist Katharina Kraus shows her paintings at Energiverket on wednesday 25.7 between 14 and 20 PM.

I'm a painter, but also a collector - taking found objects like postcards, everyday things and photos and giving them my own "handwriting" is essential for my work. 

My "room paintings" invent or reinvent rooms; my goal is to construct rooms that look familiar but also strange. I use distorted perspectives and flat-looking surfaces to construct the illusion of space and deny it at the same time. 

For my objects, I take the same painted canvas, cut it, sew it together and fill it to make it three-dimensional. 

My work starts in painting, but reaches out to sculpture and installation. Painting becomes object and object becomes painting.